Want Messages That Convert To  Closeable Pipeline?  

John Seaner

CMO Advisor
Sequoia Capital

“Ed’s strategy call helped us get access with CEOs, CIOs, & CMO’s in $10 B Enterprises for pipeline we could never have created.”

Ed Golod

C-Suite Sales & Value Expert

What You’ll Get During This Message Diagnostic Free Strategy Call

Grab 30 minutes with Ed where he will diagnose your current messages and current audience you are trying to reach where Ed will analyze your current messages and provide valuable insights on what will make them effective so that you can generate viable opportunity conversations with your best prospects. 

What Ed Will Do Before the Call

Ed is always prepared. He will take a look at your LinkedIn profile, posts, business page, website, and any information he can find on you and the work you do...

What Happens During the Call With Ed

Ed will take the information he has gathered plus your messages and have a conversation with you about what is working and what you can do to make your messages work better...

What Can You Expect After Your Call With Ed

After your call, you should have some great tips, tricks, & strategies you can implement  that will improve your messaging and opportunity conversations on LinkedIn...

About Ed Golod

Ed is a sales savant! There is no other way to put it. He routinely crafts cold
Outreach that captures the attention of the elusive C-Suite. One of his recent was a cold email to the CEO of Lowes, that produced a $1.3M sale. He is a 3X entrepreneur, Technical Thought Leader, and sold 100’s of C-Suite in the Fortune 500 with a distinguished career high of $265MM closed deals.

Here's Why They Recommend Booking a Free Consultation Call with Ed Today...


CEO, SlapFive

“Ed only one to secure access & meetings with executive decision-makers. He knows how to sell into the C-Suite!”


Creator: “Selling To VITO”

“Ed is the best that I’ve seen in my 40 years of Fortune 100 enterprise sales training & authoring career”.

Mike Muhlfeder

VP Sales, Jitterbit

“We targeted 4 major accounts and got executive access in 3 of them and with a WW SVP of a $4B company, where we were locked out of.”

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s Tighten Up Your Messaging So You Can Build a Pipeline Of Closeable Deals...